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Yes You Can Love Your Cubicle

That’s the attitude Bob Bessette brings to work every day. He used to be a manager with a corner office and a door that shut. Now, he works in a cube as an “individual contributor”. Bob doesn’t believe it’s the size of your cubicle or whether the fabric panels are grey or beige that determines how whether you love or hate your workspace. He thinks it’s all a matter of perspective. For example, if you were used to working in a warehouse environment without heating or A/C, a cubicle in a climate controlled office might seem like a slice of heaven.

Besides a sunshine filled personality, Bessette also brings some practical tips to the table. He recommends making the most out of the space you do have by organizing, optimizing, and inspiring your way to a cubicle you can love. He’s a big fan of accessories like the Post-It brand organizer and desktop storage units that double your available space. For more simple yet effective ways to make your cubicle a place you can like (if not love), read his article at

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