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If you like blogs about office culture, you’ll enjoy the smorgasbord of content posted at The Cubicle Times. This satirical website puts the workplace under a microscope. Don’t be fooled by the serious category labels like Health, Tech, and Business. Cubicles and the work environment they foster are the source of much juicier observations than coverage about the economy or the latest issues with Microsoft releases. Why browse the web for boring news stories full of dull statistics and facts when you can read way too much information about the author’s lactose intolerance and how this relates to office birthday cakes?

This blogger seems to understand that what we really want to break up the monotony of the workday is plain old gossip. After all, that’s why FaceBook was invented. Sadly, many companies block access to this social networking site from work computers. This didn’t stop The Cubicle Times blogger and his coworkers from drafting their whiteboard equipped cubicle systems into serving the same function. Check out an example of “Work FaceBook” here. The self portraits used as profile avatars are what really make the medium work!


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