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Workers Covet Height Adjustable Workstations

According to Laura Casey at the Contra Costa Times, people are taking workstation ergonomics into their own hands to get some relief from the long hours of sitting required for many of today’s white collar jobs. Some are constructing their own standing desks out of whatever they have on hand. Unfortunately, going from sitting all the time to standing all the time brings a new set of physical complaints. The ideal solution is a workstation that is height adjustable to allow employees to sit and stand as needed throughout their shift.

This surge of interest in ergonomic worksurfaces isn’t just being felt at the end-user level. Employers are interested in this option as well. That’s evident in the number of “Best of NeoCon” entries in the training and work table section that are height adjustable. Almost half of the entries in that category are adjustable desks, tables, and mobile pedestals. Hopefully, the glut of designs on the market will serve consumers well by ensuring competitive pricing on ergonomic workstations.


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