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Winter Office Furniture Accessories

How do you make it through the chilly months of winter at your office? If you live in San Diego, it actually doesn’t get that cold (compared to say, Wisconsin). But the temps can still dip occasionally, making employees don a jacket before heading to work. Plus, there’s the “rainy season” to deal with from December through March. Workers may show up at the office wearing a rain coat or carrying an umbrella from time to time during these months. That’s why we say winter is a good time of the year to buy some office furniture accessories. Here are two of our top picks:

EcoStep Wiper Mats

These attractive and eco-friendly floor mats are just the item to greet your employees when they trudge in the front door from a soggy parking lot. The fibers soak up 20% more moisture than the competition, helping keep your office free of slip and fall hazards. They actually work great for grabbing dust from shoe soles as well, making them a good addition to your office all year long. You can keep any high traffic area in shape with this kind of mat – including the area around the break room sink where spills and splashes are common. At 100% post-consumer recycled content, these mats help keep your workplace and your planet looking good.

Alba Customers Coat Stands

These classy entryway and break room coat stands (sometimes called “customers”) are just the right touch for handling winter jackets, scarves, and hats during cool weather. We particularly like the Seville with its classy black finish and oval knobs. It actually rotates so employees can easily find and pull their coat off the hook without pulling over the stand itself. You’ll also dig the integrated umbrella stand with a removable water container. No puddles on your floor! If you prefer wood to metal, don’t miss the Safco options featuring mahogany or solid oak.

Visit page 323 in our online catalogue for the full range of coat stand selections. Entryway mats are just a few pages over on page 325.


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