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Will Anything Do for an Office Desk?

Do you enjoy using your iPhone for work when you are away from the office? Are you less than thrilled about the prospect of composing emails on that tiny screen? Would you like the convenience of touch typing without having to tote a whole keyboard around with you? Now there’s an app for that.

The Vibrative Virtual Keyboard gives you a traditional QWERTY setup (letters only) on almost any surface, turning it into an instant office desk. The accelerometer sensor already in the phone can be used to measure vibrations in the worksurface. The app pinpoints the specific point of origin for each tap on the worksurface based on raw data from the sensor. Once the phone is “trained” to recognize a few letters, it maps the rest of the keyboard automatically. The mapped surface can be saved so the next time you set your iPhone down in the same spot, your keyboard will still be there in the physical/virtual space.

The system isn’t completely accurate and relies heavily on auto-complete to aid the typing process. You should probably still double check any work emails before hitting “send” so you don’t embarrass yourself or your employer. Otherwise, you might find yourself without a desk to work at because you’re out of a job!


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