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Why You Still Need Filing Cabinets

The always perceptive Jen at Arnolds Office Furniture gives us 3 good reasons why the idea of a paperless office will never be a reality. Sure, you may reduce paper usage. But there are times when you really do need it – and times when you just can’t be bothered to use electronic documents. Some of this dependence on paper is habit. Until we raise a generation of school children who have never used paper in the classroom, we will still be using it at work. The ability to “search” and “edit” a document with a search tool just isn’t the same as being able to flip through a report, run a finger down a page, and mark it up in red pen. Paper reliance is a tough habit to break. It turns out, even if you do away with filing cabinets, workers will still find some way to store paper files (and it gets messy). So, it makes sense to have a paper usage/file storing system that is moderate, manageable, and enforceable. Making appropriate use of the filing cabinets you do have is a better option than trying to get rid of them altogether.


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