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Why You Should Buy Used Executive Office Furniture

Are you thinking about decorating your corner office with an upgraded suite of furnishings? Buying used executive office furniture may not seem very glamorous, but there are a couple of good reasons to go with pre-owned items instead of buying new.

Reason #1 – Status

Let’s face it – your desk, credenza, and shelving are all status symbols that let others know you are talented, experienced, and worth every penny of your salary. However, this doesn’t mean you have a lot of money to blow on expensive furnishings. Because used office furniture is deeply discounted, you can actually afford to buy something very posh for the same price as mid-level new items. As long as the pieces are refurbished nicely, no one will ever know they aren’t straight off the assembly line.

Reason #2 – Leadership

Sometimes, you want people to know that you are making sacrifices for the greater good. In a tight economy, buying used office furniture for yourself sets an excellent example for your subordinates. You are showing that reusing/recycling is something you take the personal initiative to implement. There’s no shame in being responsible with your company’s budget and kind to the planet!


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