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Why Local Cubicle Liquidators Are Your Best Option

Cubicle liquidators aren’t all created equal. There are large dealers who specialize in this industry on a national basis and have a good reputation. These guys may give you a decent price if you’ve got a large number of cubicles to get rid of. However, they’ve got to factor in the cost of transporting the furnishings back to one of their central warehouses. If that’s a couple of thousand miles away, it may affect what they can afford to pay you.

Then, there is always the possibility of being scammed. This is more likely to happen if you try to sell your used furniture directly on Craig’s list or a comparable site. There will always be someone trying to get you to give up the goods when they have no intention of following through with payment.

Auctions are another option, but the rules can be very confusing. For example, in an auction situation you can be required to surrender the merchandise even if you don’t believe the price it received is fair.

The easiest and safest way to liquidate your unwanted cubicles is to simply find a local company that will meet with you face to face to complete the transaction. A reputable local dealer can pick up the furniture with their own trucks cutting out the issues associated with hiring a third party shipper. Plus, you can be sure there won’t be any “last minute” adjustment to the price or problems receiving payment.


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