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Why Holiday Time Is The Best Office Furniture Buying Season

Have you been putting off buying new furnishings for your business? The time for procrastination is over. These next couple of months will feature some of the best office furniture deals. Manufacturers and dealers all over the U.S. that want to clear out their warehouses and boost 4th quarter earnings are cutting prices. Cubicles Office Environments is jumping on the bandwagon this year by passing on cost savings from one of our suppliers in a massive clearance event. You can browse 17 pages of great deals including many office chairs (brand new) at up to 50% off list price.

2 More Reasons to Buy Now

  • Renovation is less disruptive when fewer workers are in the office

If you are installing new cubicles or workstations for your entire workforce, this can leave your employees without a real space to work for a day or two. Lots of people like to take time off around the holidays to visit family. If you find a dealer who will do delivery and installation this time of year, you can arrange to have your office space revamped without displacing too many employees. Office furniture suppliers who have the items you want in stock are your best bet for this type of quick and easy delivery.

  • This can double as your holiday gift to employees

Perhaps you are in the habit of presenting your workers with a small token of appreciation at the end of the year. Who wouldn’t want a new, ergonomic task chair instead of a $25 gift card? Employees will appreciate the investment you make in their comfort for years to come. To make this type of gift more special, let workers be involved in the selection process. The best office furniture choice is often the one that gives employees a sense of ownership over their work environment.


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