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Why Buy Cherry Office Furniture?

There’s a reason that one of the most popular wood finishes is cherry. Office furniture that features this type of veneer is good looking and versatile. You can choose from lots of different looks with this wood. Although a classic stain makes cherry veneers a deep, rich reddish brown, cherry is available in quite a few different colors. Unstained cherry is often a light honey color. If it is sealed to retain this natural color, it can look a lot like maple. Or, it may be stained a very deep red brown to mimic species like mahogany.

Cherry is a hardwood that is valued for both its durability and the ease with which it can be worked. It is less expensive than exotic veneers but still attractive enough to be used for executive desks. The surface is often sanded and polished to a bright sheen. Solid cherry office furniture that has been properly maintained can make a lovely addition to a reception area or private office while cherry veneers are a nice accent for worksurfaces and cubicle panels.


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