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Where Does Old Office Furniture Go To Die?

The sign says recycling is easy, but that’s not always true. Consider this 2007 article from that takes a peek at the programs office furniture manufacturers offer for recycling old office furniture. It’s all very well to say “Our company will take back and recycle any component from our furniture”. The problem seems to be in making this a truly convenient choice for customers. For example, the Haworth Take Back program depends on the customer to foot transportation costs back to the plant. That’s a disincentive for most companies and individual users to participate.

There’s some talk of setting up collection centers across the US (like the ones already available for consumer electronics). These convenient locations would make reclaiming used office furniture for recycling purposes easier. But for now, most companies rely on office furniture dealers to liquidate their used items. These firms are most likely to have a direct pipeline to local recyclers who want materials from furniture that is no longer useful. Sometimes, you can even get money back for your used office furniture. At Cubicles Office Environments, we buy old furniture and make it look and feel like new again.


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