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Where Do You Get Your Used Office Furniture?

One of the things we love about dealing in used office furniture is the opportunity to work with small business owners and save them money. But sometimes, entrepreneurs strike out on their own to salvage items they can use in the office. From the Huffington Post comes an interview with Laura Zander (founder of Jimmy Beans Wool) about how she kept costs low as a startup. She told reporter Karin Kamp, “We needed a couple of new desks and one of our employees saw some on the side of the road and we picked them up.”

We applaud Zander for rescuing still useful office equipment and giving it a new lease on life. Of course, sometimes you can’t wait to trash pick desks and other items – or you may find that office furniture road kill needs to be refurbished. If that’s the case, you know where to find us! We can save you up to 75% every day on high quality used office furniture.


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