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What’s On Trend For Office Space Planning?

According to a recent press release from Ethosource, Fall of 2011 is going to be all about conservation – of space, that is. This means the most critical factor of office space planning is about designing with the right furniture and the right placement for maximum functionality. This may include:

  • Dedicated workstations for full time employees
  • Temp space for remote workers who are only in the office a couple of times a week
  • Collaborative space that can be used constantly for teaming activities instead of static conference rooms that sit empty much of the time
  • Privacy for managers and other high-level staff (without using oversized furniture and huge corner offices to indicate status)
  • Mobile storage that can be allocated as needed instead of taking up space where it isn’t required

With so many things to consider, the use of virtual design tools such as 3D software and the assistance of professional consulting firms is expected to increase. Of course, Cubicles Office Environments has been way ahead of this trend from the start. You can already access a free, high tech, no obligation office design planning session with our company at your convenience.


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