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What Would You Like to See at NeoCon 2012?

NeoCon 2012 is headed our way at lightning speed. This premiere tradeshow for the commercial design and architecture industry is the most exciting event of the year for office furniture companies all over the US. There will be more than 700 showrooms and booths this year. It’s a chance for businesses to debut their best and brightest new products for the world to see.

But one exhibitor says that’s not enough. The folks over at the izzy+ blog say NeoCon would be even more exciting if participants focused on the future rather than on the present. This company made waves last year with Nemo concept pieces that were designed to spark the imagination of participants. They aren’t afraid of feedback on “unfinished” ideas. Instead, they welcome the discussion generated when participants are suddenly faced with the unexpected.

Perhaps it’s fitting that this event should be a place to showcase truly novel ideas and try things that haven’t been done before. After all, Chicago was the hometown for the famous 1893 World’s Fair extravaganza where the inventions of such prescient thinkers as Nikolai Tesla were on display. The NeoCon slogan for this year is “Think BIG”. What futuristic and half-imagined office furniture solutions would you love to see at this year’s NeoCon event? Let your imagination run wild in the comments.


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