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What Would You Create With This Office Furniture As A Canvas?

Although Herman Miller’s Canvas collection evokes the idea of painting, it’s really about sculpting your office environment. This line of office furniture is designed with the idea that you should be able to use the same basic components to erect a huge variety of workstations. It’s like Lego for your office – but without all those annoying hard corners that hurt your foot when you step on them. In fact, one of the prettiest pieces in the Canvas setup is the Signature screen (shown at the left) that hugs the corners of a desk with its gentle curves. It softens the otherwise angular contours of the desking solutions.

Herman Miller boasts that 50 years of industry experience have gone into creating the Canvas pieces. They can be used to outfit a private office, a spine or beam based benching solution, or for individual workstations. The watchword for this collection is cohesive variety. Every workstation and office could have its own layout, but they will all still hold together nicely from an aesthetic standpoint. This flexibility in design includes plenty of tech-friendly pieces for accommodating data and electrical needs. The company intends to keep adding new pieces to this line, so the design architecture is very open ended.


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