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What Will It Take To Get Workers Moving?

Earlier this month, Carrie Schmitz and David Antle did an interview about adapting working posture. This discussion is timely considering the huge variety of sit-to-stand workstations that are being promoted in the office furniture industry these days. The conversation posted over at CafeErgo centers around what it’s going to take to actually help employees transition to a more active work style.

The fact is that standing all the time isn’t really any more ergonomic than sitting all the time. It’s simply associated with a different set of problems (such as varicose veins rather than diabetes). Instead, frequent changes in posture seem to be the key to reaping health benefits. So, employers need to do more than simply offer adjustable height tables. They need to create a workplace culture where postural rotation and movement are built into the way work is done. This means finding ways to make such practices attractive to employees by helping them become more engaged and productive. David offers specific tips to increase worker buy-in which are well worth considering. Read the whole interview to find out more.


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