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What Type of Teamwork Does Your Office Support?

The Facility Management Journal offers a very helpful diagram in its P&G case study showing a variety of office configurations. Each one features a blend of modern workstations and conference areas (as opposed to private offices), but the way they are set up shows how layout can support different types of teaming. “Consistent” teaming, where the same groups of people meet with each other regularly, can be well supported by conference rooms that are peripheral to the cubicle area. However, the more “dynamic” approach to teaming, where groups form and disperse organically as needed, may be better supported with a different office space design. The “club” layout with small conference pods that are interspersed with the workstations is one possible option.

What do you think of this concept? Would reconfiguring your office make it more flexible in terms of teamwork? Would it encourage the flow of ideas across work groups? Or, is this reconfiguration something you should only do if you are trying to support a preexisting trend toward more dynamic collaboration? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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