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What to Look for in Refurbished Cubicles

Are you looking into purchasing refurbished cubicles for your office? Sometimes these can have a huge advantage over new or used cubicles. In most cases, cubicles that have been refurbished are much less costly than entirely new setups.  They are also typically not in as bad of shape as used ones. It’s the nice middle ground when budgets are a concern but professionalism is a priority,

Check with your chosen vendor to see what kind of limited warranty is provided; you won’t get the same promises that come with buying brand new, but refurbished units will generally carry some sort of guarantee.  Look for a coverage period of at least one calendar year. Read all of the fine print and check to see if there are specific provisions for or excluding the replacement of any components as well as the circumstances.

Carefully consider the future of your business to determine if the cubicle configuration is ideal for expansion before purchasing refurbished cubicles. Ideally, the units would be able to be reconfigured with ease, and added onto without having to scrap all existing units for lack of availability of similar styles. You may need to change your office layout, add workstations, or even transport the whole kit and kaboodle to a new location in a few years.

Take note of the size of the cubicle desk, how much storage is under the desktop, what shelving or storage bins are connected to the panels, and whether or not the design allows for height extenders if needed. Privacy panels can often take an “almost perfect” cubicle into “exactly right” land.  Each cubicle office should offer a comfortable and productive workspace for the tasks carried out by each employee.

If you can’t find used cubicles to your like, but brand new is beyond your reach, consider refurbished cubicles – it could save your budget at the start of your business career!



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