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What Should an Executive Cubicle Look Like?

The trend of executives moving out of offices and into cubicles is continuing apace in a world where every aspect of corporate culture is under scrutiny. Businesses that want to leave behind the traditional hierarchical approach to management (at least in appearance) are seeing what it’s like to live in a cube farm. The idea is that having a CEO or VP working out in the open with employees:

  • Boosts team morale and encourages collaboration by letting leaders set the tone through their example
  • Makes executives approachable, ensuring employees bring good ideas to their attention
  • Helps the C suite keep its finger on the pulse of the workforce, reducing dissatisfaction and heading off potential labor disputes
  • Creates an atmosphere of transparency and equality (values that are prized in US culture but often sadly lacking in corporate America)
  • Gives the company brand a lift and attracts top talent by making the organization seem like a great place to work

Not Just Another Cubicle

Of course, after the novelty of working in a cube wears off, executives are likely to start craving an upgrade. Here are some perks we envision for the “executive cubicle” of the future.


Being centrally located seems like the logical choice for a leader who wants to stay in close touch with the workforce. However, the prized location for VIP cubicles is likely to be around the building perimeter. Here, there’s more privacy and perhaps even access to natural daylight and a nice view.


Why settle for a 6×6 cubicle when you can have a roomy 8×10? A CEO has at least earned a little elbow room and maybe a nice wood finish worksurface. As long as the bigger cube is the same brand as everyone else’s, execs can still say they work in a cube just like their employees.

Side Chair

To be fair, an executive may need a bigger cubicle to ensure there’s enough space for an extra chair to seat employees and visitors. Of course, the execs would still need to use an empty meeting room or off site venues for one-on-one conversations of a sensitive nature. Those panels have ears!


Dual monitors, articulated monitor arms, a fancy mouse, and a really, really comfortable office chair are sure to find a home in a VIP cube. No one would dare steal the boss’s ergonomic chair, would they?

Image courtesy of Flickr user Lorchaos


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