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What Should a Truly Modern Private Office Look Like?

Steelcase believes that many private offices are far behind the times when it comes to accommodating today’s high-level workers. Too often, productivity is stymied by a workspace that is designed to isolate rather than integrate. Perhaps you’ve seen some of the following layout and furniture flaws in private offices at your company:

  • Guests are seated across the desk from the employee forcing one party or the other to view documents upside down.
  • No area is designated for side by side collaboration or presentation of ideas.
  • The desk is located too near the door – allowing noise from nearby areas to create a distraction.
  • The storage furniture and worksurfaces in the office are designed for older workers who tend to accumulate and pile paperwork rather than younger workers who prefer more access to tech such as dual monitors.

This Steelcase 360 whitepaper talks about all of these issues and offers practical and easily implementable solutions. So, if you are ready to reorganize an old office or furnish a new one, this is a resource you can definitely use during the office planning stage.


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