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What If Your Office Had a Delete Button?

Have you seen this cute blog post by Turnstone about how to edit boring office furniture? The ideas range from adding panels and overlays to swapping out hardware and even putting on some “peg legs”. Imagine how much fun the office space would be if you let workers go to town personalizing everything! Of course, that wouldn’t be so good for the branding of the space…

That being said, if an edit button for the office is good, a delete button might be even better. Here are 10 things we’re pretty sure your employees would like to disappear from their workspace:

  1. Delete fluorescent lights: Install LED lighting in a spectrum that mimics natural daylight instead.
  2. Delete a few dull gray cubicle walls: Add colorful tiles or options like frosted glass, corkboard and whiteboard panels.
  3. Delete credenza style filing cabinets with heavy drawers full of paperwork: Provide pedestal style filing modules on casters.
  4. Delete overhead bins that loom over the workspace: Offer lockable personal storage towers that provide a space for a jacket, purse and other belongings.
  5. Delete oversized conference rooms that never get used to capacity: Set aside space for collaboration pods where workers can team up in small groups as needed.
  6. Delete task chairs that make your legs and butt go numb after the first couple of hours at work: Bring in ergonomic office chairs that adjust perfectly to support good posture.
  7. Delete boring, inflexible break room furniture and the crusty old coffee pot: Bring in comfy lounge furniture and an espresso maker.
  8. Delete the fax machine and scanner that are always getting jammed: Give employees an app to image, sign and send documents securely using their smart phone.
  9. Delete inboxes that allow paperwork to pile up on desks: Provide in-desk organizers to sort urgent, moderately important and “for reference only” materials.
  10. Delete desks that force workers to sit all day: Provide height adjustable worksurfaces that support a variety of positions and plenty of movement throughout the day.

Actually, employees would probably be pretty happy with just one or two of these deletions. So, which ones would you like to try in 2013?


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