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What Does It Take To Achieve LEED Gold?

LEED certification can be achieved by retrofitting an existing office space. However, getting a fresh start in a new office environment makes certain LEED points easier to accumulate. Huitt-Zollars, Inc. in Dallas recently took advantage of their relocation to grab for the gold. They actually ended up just 3 points shy of reaching platinum rating.

What choices did they make? First, they picked the right spot. The new location allows employees to access three forms of public transportation – making it possible for workers to cut fuel emissions. The facility itself is designed for efficient use of water and energy. 84% of the materials (including office furniture) were refurbished or composed of recycled content. More than 40% of these items were manufactured locally. Besides the incentives from LEED qualification, Huitt-Zollars no doubt saved a pretty penny by choosing refurbished office furnishings instead of all new pieces. That’s something to think about the next time you upgrade or move your office.


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