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What Do Workers Like Best? Cubicles That Feel Roomy

Back in June, programmer Adam Lane’s opinion on offices vs. cubicles was discussed on this blog. Lane takes a dim view of cubes and doesn’t feel that they have much to offer employees who really need to be able to concentrate. Now, here’s a different opinion from an IT professional at The Brain of Werkkrew blog. The author argues that he has had several different cubes and enjoyed each one. Of course, he’s lucky enough to be working in some of the biggest and best cubicles on the market. A full 8×8 with 7’ high walls is a luxurious workspace that offers plenty of elbow room.

The blogger does point out that folks working in a telemarketing environment (which features the smallest cubicle sizes of any industry) may not feel such a warm glow about their workstations. The comments on the blog post are pretty funny as readers take the writer to task for what they see as gloating. There’s a lot of cube envy out there – which is something for employers to keep in mind when they buy new cubicles or revisit their office layout. Workers appreciate having a few additional square feet to call their own.


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