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What Are Your Rules For Office Furniture Interiors?

Does your company have strict rules about how employees can decorate the inside of their cubicles? Office furniture interiors aren’t necessarily all that private – so the way people fancy up their workstations is something employers usually want some control over. It’s impossible to dictate good taste, but it does make sense to have some kind of “dress code” for cubes. Here are some general guidelines that aren’t too hard for folks to follow while still personalizing their workspace:

  • No advertisement for any products/services – This means you won’t have workers putting up a poster for a slasher movie, a neon Budweiser sign, or a placard letting everyone know that they moonlight as a fitness coach.
  • Nothing permanent – A family photo in a frame on the desk is fine. However, hanging objects from fabric panels may cause damage to your office furniture. If you do permit workers to attach decorative items to panels, provide them with cubicle wall panel clips or hangers to use.
  • No cheesecake (or beefcake) photos – Pictures that are meant to be ogled have no place in a professional work environment and are usually a violation of sexual harassment policy. Exceptions include pictures of cool cars, baked goods, and other non-human objects that make people drool.
  • Nothing political – If employees want to wear an “I voted early” button to work, that’s awesome. However, their cubicle is company property and shouldn’t be used to campaign for any specific candidate.


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