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What a Concept! (Office)

Have you ever wondered how an international bank with oodles of cash would choose to outfit its office space? Wonder no more. OfficeSnapshots has a photo-tour of Credit Suisse in Zurich that will make your head spin. We love the ultra-high wing back office chairs. It’s almost like the chairs have their own cubicle panels. There are also built-in walled workstations and plenty of glass-walled meeting spaces for small to mid-sized groups. We’re guessing that a company which caters to a clientele that craves discretion also places a high value on employee privacy.

Your employees may not be handling confidential transactions involving millions of Euros, but we bet they’d like some of these posh furnishings anyway. For example, you could really blow people away at the next brainstorming session by installing the stunning spider chandelier (Dear Ingo by Mooi) above the big meeting table. It’s got 16 individual task lamps so everyone can take a turn in the spotlight!


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