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We’ve Got Food Banks – Why Not Furniture Banks?

centripetal spring armchair office chair - cubicles office environmentsIt’s always heartwarming to hear stories about how companies can leverage their own particular influence to make a difference. Office Movers CEO, John Kane, has figured out a way to keep the planet green while ensuring that nonprofit organizations have the equipment they need to furnish administrative offices. Kane diverts unwanted office furniture from the landfill to the company’s Maryland warehouse. Here, religious and educational organizations and charities have one weekend per month when they can select whatever they need for their offices from this “Kane Furniture Bank”. And it’s all free of charge.

There are actually many organizations across the U.S. that help match used office furniture donors with NPO recipients. But Kane’s approach is particularly efficient. He already has the warehouse space and logistics aspect worked out. Hopefully, this idea will catch on with more office moving and liquidation companies!


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