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Want Custom Office Furniture? San Diego Refurbished Cubicles Are The Way To Go

Are you in the market for custom office furniture? San Diego businesses that want to brand their workplace with company colors don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for the “right look”. The fact is, most high-quality used cubicles can be stripped and refinished so that they look as good as new. Since this is a typical part of the refurbishing process anyway, customers can take advantage of this opportunity to pick out the perfect fabric, laminate, and paint.

Given the enormous variety of colors and textures available, there is sure to be a selection that matches your vision for the finished product. Occasionally, office furniture clients choose to supply their own fabric for panels. It’s possible to use customer-supplied materials in some cases. However, not every fabric is suitable for covering custom furniture. You need a tough, synthetic textile that won’t stretch out of shape and is resistant to staining. Herman Miller has tested many fabrics for both seating and panel systems applications, so you may be able to use their design tool to see if a textile you like has passed or failed.


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