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Volt – It’s Not Just For Chevy Anymore

There are a number of fantastically comfortable and very ergonomic office chairs in the high end range of $700-1100. But it’s a little harder to find fully adjustable seating that’s budget friendly for smaller businesses. HON is making a difference at the value-priced end of the market with a task chair called the Volt. Buyers who are “charged up” about this chair mention the wide base that reduces tipping, the ample seat that accommodates workers of all sizes, and the ease of assembly (with or without arms).

The chair has more than just height adjustment capability. You can also adjust the tilt tension and lock it in place. Some models also permit varying angles of seat and back tilt instead of just tipping the whole thing at the same angle. The arms are height adjustable as well. All of these office chair mechanisms have a 10 year warranty with single shift use.

One thing to watch out for: if you see a price like $30 for this chair that seems too good to be true – it is. A number of customers shopping for this chair report that they accidentally ordered the arms instead of the whole chair due to confusing product postings on sites like


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