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Used Teknion Cubicles Offer Like-New Value

Teknion is an excellent office furniture brand with a great reputation for component longevity. This is one of the reasons it is often resold rather than simply being scrapped. With a little touch up or a full refurbishing, used Teknion cubicles can be as good as new. They cost much less than new panel systems while still delivering great value. Here are 3 of the most popular systems to choose from if you are buying second hand:


Take a stroll along a line of Boulevard cubes and you will see a system with remarkable flexibility. Height can be added without taking a workstation apart. Overpanels can simply be stacked up as high as you like. Need a change of color? The panel fabric can be replaced in-situ as well.

Data cabling can be fed through the metal raceway at the bottom. You can run additional cables up top through a removable cap; both channels may be connected with an optional vertical cable manager. The entire panel system is easy to reconfigure using the universal post and single “knuckle-loc” connectivity.


For an office that requires a broad range of choices for configuration, Transit is on the right track. The on/off modularity of this system allows you to position components such as storage, work surfaces, and power access at any point on the panel. This makes it simple for you to fit everything in place without paying extra for customization.

In addition to an astonishing range of materials and finishes, Transit offers even more choices when used in conjunction with other Teknion products. For example, the Lyft space division system integrates to give you extraordinary load bearing capacity. You can tap into this sturdy structure at 15” intervals to make full use of vertically configured components.


If you have an office furniture SOS, try Teknion’s T/O/S cubicles. This efficient system is designed with performance in mind. The simple, clean design of these panels can incorporate many different applications while simplifying inventory administration. Interchangeability is built in.

The frames for this panel system are noted for strength and durability. They also support plenty of cable capacity and make access readily available at work surface height. You can choose Elements panels to quickly update the look of your office environment at any time. Each side of these panels can feature a different design.


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