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Upcycling – Recycled Office Furniture With A Twist

At Cubicles Office Environments, we specialize in refurbishing office furniture to extend its useful life span. So, we’re excited to see a new trend that seems to be catching the imagination of consumers – upcycling. It’s like recycling with an upscale twist. You take an old piece of furniture (or a completely unrelated item that has reached the end of its lifespan) and turn it into something that is completely different than the original. It doesn’t just look like new again, it’s got an entirely new look.




Here are a few places you can visit to see fascinating office furniture upcycling projects:

  • Bel & Bel in Spain is repurposing old Vespa parts to create office chairs that go “Zoom”. The streamlined curves and style of the original cycles show up as unexpected contours when turned into workplace seating.
  • The Rolling Stones would be proud of i29. They see a red chair and they want to paint it black. Same goes for every other piece of old office furniture in this ultra modern upcycled environment.
  • First Fruit is proving that upcycling isn’t just about creating collector’s items for people who could really afford to buy new. They pull apart and remake simple, basic pieces into sturdy and usable items like shelving and desks.


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