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Unusual Office Chairs For All Budgets

37 SwopperThe difficulty of creating truly ergonomic office chairs is a challenge that has kept manufacturers busy for many decades. Some designers have scrapped the idea of a traditional “chair” altogether in their quest for the perfect seating option. Here are just a few of the concepts that have been created as alternatives to the usual office furniture fare.

Wheeled Swopper

Burger King brought America the Whopper. Now, Relax the Back has gone one better by creating the Swopper. This kinetic stool is spring loaded to add a bounce to your sit rather than your step. It moves freely on a 5 caster base ring for easy mobility. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about this seat rolling out from under you. It has a braking system that is weight activated (like those wheeled Kik Step units at your local library). Just sit tight – it won’t move unless you want it to.

These stools can be custom made per your specifications but you can also get them on Amazon for $500-800. The manufacturer touts the back strengthening and spine stabilizing features of this model as a major selling point. It apparently feels kind of like sitting on a Pilates exercise ball – helping you to be mindful of your posture.

Trey Two-in-One

37 Trey MultiWhat starts out looking like a normal office chair from Sauder takes on a whole new look when you break it down. The seat becomes a floor-level rocking chair. The base instantly transforms into a task table. You can prop your laptop on this tiny desk and relax as you go over month-end spreadsheets.

The Trey would be a great option for collaborative workspaces in a creative environment. Just be sure to buy enough so everyone can have their own. At about $300 each, you can afford it. Don’t worry about using these chairs in a high-traffic setting. The foam cushions can be easily removed if they need to be cleaned or replaced.

Nethrone Classic

37 NethroneIf Classic means ultra-modern and super-glamorous, the Nethrone is aptly named. This isn’t just a chair, it is an entire workstation. You are in the captain’s seat with this fighter aircraft inspired model. There is even a remote control that lets you send commands to each component in this high-tech unit. Instantly adjust the height and tilt of your monitor, the chair’s position and recline angle, and the height of the keyboard. As a bonus, you can activate the massage feature to relieve workplace stress.

At almost $2000 per, these could still a good deal if you use them to replace office chairs and desks. There is space for a mouse, so employees who work in an all-virtual, paperless environment could conceivably do without a flat workspace. They would certainly be willing to give it a try!


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