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Unique Office Furniture Roundup

unique office furnitureIf you’re like me, you love gawking at the weird and wonderful world of unique office furniture. So, for your viewing pleasure I’ve rounded up 5 sites where you can see some wacky chairs, desks, and cubicles. Not all of these are something you’d actually want to use on a daily basis. But it might help break up the monotony of office life if you tried incorporating some of these ideas into your workspace. Who knows, you might patent a really cool idea and make a million bucks!

PC World

This site showcases everything from the Steelcase walking workstation to the Porsche style seating from Vision One.

Furniture Info Blog

Check out the desk in orange plastic that comes direct from Singapore. It’s a little disturbing in a Salvador Dali kind of way, but definitely eye-catching.


The innovative and creative bookcases featured on this blog will make you long for the days before everything was stored on CDs and servers. Let your eyes roam over the beautiful curves of the Infinity and stretch your mind with the Platzhalter split case design.

Casa Sugar

This blogger has located an example of a mobile workstation that just might catch on worldwide. Review the Globus for a sneak peek of what a spherical cubicle might look like.


Finally, take a couple of minutes to watch this fascinating YouTube video showing the construction of a desk that fits together like a giant jigsaw puzzle.


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