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UniGroup Haworth Cubicles: Simplicity & Value

UniGroup1Most of the top office furniture manufacturers now offer high-end cubicle environments that take aesthetics to previously unseen levels. However, sometimes you just need a sturdy and reliable system that focuses on getting the job done. UniGroup Haworth cubicles deliver brand-name quality and value without a designer price tag.

Less is More

The UniGroup collection doesn’t have many individual components for you to choose from. Instead, it concentrates on supplying the basics. Decision making is greatly simplified when there aren’t dozens of different parts to specify on your order. Tracking your total inventory of cube parts is also straightforward. When you need to expand the system, figuring out what components you need to purchase won’t give you a headache.

Do you need to get multiple workspaces in place and ready for use in just a few hours? This is the system for you. According to Haworth, cubicles in this series require only one tool for installation – a rubber mallet. Taking the cubes apart is just as easy; you can reconfigure your entire office space at a moment’s notice.

System Features

The panels themselves are constructed using the “monocoque” design concept. That’s a perforated steel sandwich with corrugated filling and a steel frame. Don’t be afraid to hang work surfaces from both sides of these panels – they can take the strain. Customize them with the fabric of your choice over a layer of fiber batting. If the fabric is damaged or you are just ready for a new look, the spline can be removed to permit reupholstering on the spot.UniGroup2

The universal hinges allow you to join panels at whatever angle you prefer. This adds to the flexibility of the system as does the highly accessible Power Base energy/data distribution system. These UniGroup Haworth cubicles lend themselves to upgrading which increases their resale value. They can be readily refurbished and reconfigured for a new client. This means you won’t have to feel guilty about landfill waste when you trade these in. They will definitely find another office to call home.

UniGroup3Employee Friendly Features

Despite being simple, the UniGroup collection does offer a few cool features. The “Boogie” board is one example. This keyboard tray can be adjusted for height and tilt. Any lefties in your workforce will be happy to know that the mouse can go on either side of the keyboard.

In another nod to adaptability and accessibility, the One-Touch overhead bin can be opened from a seated position. Haworth cubicles in this series can also be equipped with a space saving storage tower that gives employees a secure place to keep personal items.


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