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TV Interview in San Diego: Office Chairs Present Workout Potential

Chair WorkoutHere’s a brief recap in case you missed this summer’s interview with Earth Footwear® spokesperson Tracey Mallet on KNSD TV, San Diego. Office chairs offer more than just a place to park your behind from 9-5. According to Tracey, you can also use your chair for support as you perform a quick workout to sculpt your neglected gluteals. The squats and lifts she demonstrates in the video are, of course, only intended for use with furniture that is stationary. Try these with a rolling task chair and you may get more of a workout than you planned.

There are a number of other helpful sites that offer tips for at-work exercises. illustrates a full range of stretches you can do while seated in a chair that does have casters. takes it hard core – recommending that you multi-task with some bicep curls while you talk on the phone. Finally, don’t miss this hilarious “desk chair thrusters” contribution from the Thrillist.


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