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Try Out HON’s Voi Visualization Tool

HON recently put together a new software tool that lets you look at different Voi desking designs instantly based on 6 different user-selected criteria. You can pick the footprint, storage capacity, and location (private office, open plan, etc.) to fit each area of your office environment. HON’s main selling point for this laminated worksurface solution is that it can be specified for all the different spaces in your office to create a cohesive look, so they want to make it easy for you to visualize this.

Since branding is also important, HON’s online tool lets you determine the aesthetic of your worksurfaces. For example, you can go warm or cool, conventional or contemporary. The basic shapes stay the same (Voi is all squares and rectangles), but the effect changes based on your preferred materials and colors. It’s not a space planning tool, but it does give you some ideas about what look you might like. For a free space planning consultation using professional design software, contact San Diego Cubicles Office Environments any time.


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