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Try Cubicle-Scaping this Spring!

It’s always fun to spot a brand new word in office design. The term “cubicle-scaping” is a good example. I first saw the term this week on Twitter by a user named Jenna from Michigan. She’s trying to landscape and decorate her cubicle with plant life. It’s a noble endeavor and one that more people would do well to emulate. Over the past 3 years, I’ve tried a number of plants. My desk is near a window and gets a little bit of sunlight each day. So far, the golden pothos and the African violets seem to do best. My moth orchid died a tragic, moldy death.

Plants are just part of the picture when you are cubicle-scaping. It’s nice to have hardscape features that incorporate other elements. I’ve got a tiny fountain, a votive candle, and a wooden container full of smooth river stones. It’s like a miniature garden. All I need is an itty-bitty windchime that makes a tinkling sound when I turn on the fan!

What plants and objects do you use for cubicle-scaping? Share your ideas in the comments!


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