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Trendy Office Chairs for 2013

The Office Furniture Blog offers a peek at what you might be sitting on this year in their roundup of trendy office chairs for the modern workplace. None of these designs in seating are new, but they may become more popular since they are quite eye catching. For example, the use of chrome for the base and arms of chairs is a nice departure from traditional black plastic. Perhaps the luxury chairs of the future will offer an even broader variety of metal finishes from oiled brass to brushed nickel. Click on over to read about more trends – including one upholstery style that makes a modern office chair look like the seating in a luxury automobile. One trend not mentioned in that blog post is the increasing popularity of chairs that dynamically adjust to the sitter without the need for so many knobs and levers. We’ll be doing a full blog post on this special category of ergonomic chairs next week, so be sure to sign up for our RSS feed.

What chair trends are you seeing set in motion for 2013? Share your observations in the comments.


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