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Top Ergonomic Office Chairs Compared

You would think ergonomic office chairs are like five star restaurants the way some people rave about them. White collar workers covet them and geeks hack them. Are all these high end seating options basically the same or is there a real difference?

According to Bruce Sterling at Wired, three of the most often praised chairs (Aeron, Leap, and Freedom) are as unique as little snowflakes. His review doesn’t just list the specs and features of the chairs. He goes into detail – waxing poetic about the sensual nature of a material or the inspired design of a lumbar support. These descriptions actually give someone who hasn’t sat in one of these fine office chairs a real sense of what it might be like.

That being said, there’s no clear winner. Each chair has pros and cons. Since they are in roughly the same cost range (high but not stratospheric), the price tag won’t be the deciding factor. Instead, it makes more sense to determine which attributes are most appealing. Then, don’t forget to check at the next price point down among other brands for ergonomic office chairs that capture your favorite characteristics.


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