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Tips for Keeping an Office Tidy

Keeping a cubicle space neat and orderly can sometimes seem like a waste of time, especially when you have other more important tasks to attend to. Ignoring the mess on your desk could mean that you will have trouble finding important paperwork or folders in the future. An cubicle or office work space doesn’t have to be a dreary cluttered area with mountains of paperwork and dust. With a little bit of work, you can organize and clean your space and keep it that way. As long as you start the process and keep working to keep your cubicle orderly, you shouldn’t have to deal with excessive clutter in the future.


Beginning the Process


Office cleaning often starts with one task. By cleaning the dust from your desk or putting paperwork into a folder in an organized fashion, you can get on your way to having the tidy space that you envisioned when you first moved into your cubicle or office space. You don’t have to spend the whole day organizing your desk. By doing one task a day, during the early morning or late afternoon, you can clean your space without overwhelming yourself. Getting up and cleaning can also get you away from your computer for a few minutes, which can be a good respite for your eyes. Don’t put off the process until your desk becomes a complete mess. Doing one small task each day can make office cleaning manageable and much less stressful.


Continuing the Trend


Once you have completed tidying and organizing tasks, such as wiping down your desk, rearranging your office furniture and putting your files in order, keep doing little tasks each day to keep your office space organized. Get other individuals involved in the cleaning and organizing process if you have a shared space so that you have a shared commitment to keeping your office space clean. Regularly taking out your garbage, changing habits such as eating at your desk and regularly cleaning electronic items such as computers can allow you to keep a neat office space.


Using Your Resources


You have a better chance to keep your office clean if you have the right supplies, such as cleaning solution, rags or paper towels, file folders and desk organizers. You can also use spaces in your desk to keep items such as pens, staplers and paper clips. Devising a filing system for paper documents, such as an alphabetical, numerical or chronological system, can ensure that paperwork doesn’t pile up on your desk. Putting certain items, such as calendars and phone charts, on your walls can also help to keep the clutter off your desk.


Office cleaning doesn’t have to be an overly complicated feat if you break it up into smaller tasks. Using different office resources, such as pen holders, can help make staying organized simple and painless. If you stay committed to cleaning and organizing your space, you can come in to a clean desk everyday.



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