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Tips For Cubicles: Workstation Improvement Ideas

Blogger Greg Treadway has a series of blog posts up that investigate his “Top 10 Office Cubicle Ideas”. Many of his suggestions mesh well with the recent guest post by Herman Miller writer Susan Koole Huls on why employers should let workers personalize their cubicles. Workstations are the place where the average office worker spends more than 40 hours per week. It shouldn’t feel as impersonal as a motel room. Here are some additional thoughts based on Greg’s musings:

Cubicle Design & Layout

A cube is supposed to be a mini-office. So, you should treat it like one. Greg recommends sketching the interior layout of your cubicle and where each item is located. Taking a look at things on paper may reveal areas that are underutilized.

It’s also a good idea to look at where your cubicle is in relation to other features. Perhaps there is some flexibility in the arrangement of workstations so they can be closer to windows for greater natural light. Or, you might ask for a slight shift away from being directly under a vent that blows chilled air on you all day. Sometimes, simply reorienting cubicles within the existing office space can make all employees happier.

Security is Vital

Cubicles aren’t the most secure location for employees to keep their personal belongings. They are open and anyone can enter as they please. Greg mentions that a common complaint from cube workers is that other people keep going through their stuff (and sometimes taking things that don’t belong to them).

Having a well organized workspace with everything labeled and in its place helps cut down on coworkers and managers rifling through to find a file they need. In addition, employers should ensure that there is at least one lockable storage area at each workstation. This can be a drawer, a storage tower, or overhead bin. If employees notice that their knick knacks seem to walk off, they can lock them up at the end of each work day. Cleaning off a desk each afternoon is actually a tidy habit that is good for all workers to cultivate.


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