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These Egg Shaped Workstations Crack Me Up!

If you want to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs. But what if you want to create a new kind of workspace? Eggs can come in handy there, too. These wooden egg workstations are made of plywood and are just big enough to house one person and a laptop. These cocoon-like structures provide a certain level of isolation and privacy. At the same time, the open side makes it easy to stick your head out and cackle with coworkers.

Of course, this wooden seating isn’t going to be very ergonomic. It’s best suited to an environment where people only need an occasional space to sit. The egg pods are designed for use in a public lounge. But you could also have them in a lounge setting at work where mobile employees can use them as needed. Or, you could make these pods a place where job seekers fill out applications and take aptitude tests. That would certainly make an impression on fledgling workers!


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