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The Wheels on the Chair Go Round and Round

Here’s one aspect of office furniture ergonomics that doesn’t get a lot of attention – the lowly caster. If you think about it, even the finest office task chair would be lost without its wheels! Of course, we all know how frustrating it is when a caster comes off, or wears out, gets something stuck in it, or just plain doesn’t roll that well. You start to push away from your desk and get jolted to a stop by a wheel that won’t turn smoothly.

With larger, heavier pieces of office furniture from tables to mobile workstations, poorly designed casters can mean more than just an inconvenience. They can actually lead to back injury by making big objects hard to move. Or, a stuck wheel can cause furniture to tip over instead of gliding smoothly. Wheels that permit excessive vibration can lead to wrist and arm problems for people who have to transport materials around all day in a rolling cart. An inability to put the brakes on can lead to a runaway piece of furniture.

Fortunately, this area of ergonomics was not neglected at ErgoExpo. Darcor was on hand to show its wares – for every workplace from white collar to warehouse to healthcare settings. They’ve been in the caster industry for 75 years, and they’re still rolling!


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