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The View From The Cubicle: Workstations Get A Makeover

Cubicle systems can be pretty bland. After all, the stations are built to look basically the same on purpose so that they can be used interchangeably to build a modular working environment. Users can either see this sameness as inevitable or view the blank space as a canvas.

At, a number of participants have decided to really go all out in decorating a cubicle. Workstations at some companies are left surprisingly bare except for the occasional photo or stuffed animal. That’s what first time cube user Ginger has noticed at her new job. She’s gotten the go ahead to brighten up her workspace and hopes the changes she makes will inspire others to create a more visually compelling office environment. You can check out her list of ideas here. Vertical space planning is one concept she’s decided to use that should work very well in making the most of the panels in her cube.

Etherealessence has posted a picture of her decorated cube while 27years has put together an action plan that involves installing a faux window into the outside world. Flickr user rmkoske (whose cube is featured in the photo) really takes things to the next level by turning a cubicle into an old fashioned apothecary complete with a jar of dried unicorn liver. One thing that connects all of these employees is the fact that they see decorating a cubicle as something exciting and fun. Why not promote this attitude in your workplace to start off the New Year right?


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