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The Snake Charmer Strikes Back

Someone better call Samuel L. Jackson, because there are snakes in the…office? This unusual bit of office news comes from the Hindustan Times. A snake charmer apparently loosed a score of snakes into the local tax collector’s office (we’ve probably all wanted to do that at some point). The snakes were collected from on, around, and under the various pieces of office furniture by members of the forestry department. Fortunately, no one was bitten.

The snake charmer used his serpentine buddies to strike back at the revenue service officials who were allegedly delaying the provision of a government mandated allotment of land for snake conservation. The man accused tax office personnel of demanding a bribe before they would approve the allotment. After this stunt, it’s likely that the promised conservation land will be provided very soon. After all, snakes have to live somewhere. It’s better for them to be at a nice environmental retreat than in your desk drawer!


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