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The Right Modular Furniture Fit for Your Office

When you are outfitting your new office, there are a lot of things to consider. What color scheme do you want? What sort of design plan do you want? Modular furniture, which is furniture that comes in parts that you can put together in different ways, give you the chance to change your mind easily about how you want to furnish your space. If you want to go that route, you will have many different styles to choose from. They all have their benefits, but the one that is right for you will depend on what you need.


Modular furniture systems come in a range of sizes and can be configured to fit any office environment – large or small. If you only need a single cubicle, desk or chair the easiest thing to do is check the dimensions on the factory website and make sure your new furniture fits. For larger jobs you’ll want professional space planning services to make sure all aspects of your office environment are considered including comfort and practicality. Making efficient use of space can save you time and money. Cubicles Office Environments provides free professional space planning services for all its customers.


Some modular systems are made of steel or metal, and others are made of wood. There are systems that include glass and other elements. You will have to take into account the different maintenance requirements for each material, as well as the aesthetic appeal. The texture of the materials might affect your work, as well. If you tend to use your furniture roughly, you will have to consider their durability and if scratches on it will be conspicuous.


Did you know that modular furniture has been included in New York’s Museum of Modern Art? It is that stylish. Modular furniture styles can run from Art Deco to Post Modern. Your space can look formal or informal, space age or quaint. You control the end look, but the materials the system provides will influence the end product. If you pick the system that  best suit you, you will love the look you will ultimately create with it.

We carry a full range of modular furniture systems and we can help you pick the system that will serve your office best. We also provide professional installation and maintenance so if you are looking for a new office environment contact us to explore the possibilities today.


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