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The Most Interesting Office Chair in the World

We can just hear the Most Interesting Man in the World saying, “I don’t usually sit down at a desk to work. But, when I do, I prefer the LimbIC chair.” What is it about this ergonomic task chair from Zurich-based company InnoMotion that makes it so interesting? Does it justify the $8500 price tag? You decide.

Missing Pieces

Instead of a seat to park your rear, this chair offers two cradles that support the user’s thighs and holds the body in a perfect position for spinal support. There are no arm rests, back or neck rests. That might seem a little ridiculous if you were paying a “per component” fee – most of the chair appears to be missing! However, perhaps all those normal parts simply aren’t needed when you feel so fine. From an artistic perspective, it certainly is an interesting use of negative space.

Creature Comforts

This perch might look precarious, but apparently it’s the height of comfort. Most users prefer to have their feet dangling rather than touching the ground. Of course, they would need to touch down briefly to take advantage of the only traditional part of the chair: the 5 star base with casters.

The entire contraption moves in response to the sitter’s motions, providing a feeling of weightless ease. You can bop to your favorite song while you work. Or, you can kick back and take a well-deserved break without feeling the need to get up and stretch your legs or crack your back. We’re betting a lot of people experiment to see just how far the can lean without falling out.

Feel Good Advertising

The designer claims that the chair promotes both good physical health and a positive attitude by stimulating circulation and the limbic system (the brain area that regulates emotions). Time will tell whether the few dozen customers who’ve plunked down their hard earned cash are still enthusiastic about their purchase 5 years down the road.


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