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The Modern Office: Computer Furniture

office computer furnitureNo matter your industry, it’s likely you use advanced technology in your office. Computer furniture that is designed to accommodate a monitor, hard drive, keyboard, and other accessories is essential for efficient space usage. Many companies that are attempting to go paperless are expressing less interest in desks with lots of storage space for files. They want ergonomic workstations for employees who work in a virtual environment. Here are some of the features that set computer-ready office furniture apart from a simple worksurface:

Dedicated Hard Drive Nook – computer desks generally have a space to store the hard drive where it will be off the floor but not taking up space on the top of the desk. This leaves room for other auxiliary devices such as a scanner.

Cable Management – cubicles have raceways to handle power and data wiring internally to keep cables protected and out of sight. This is important from a safety standpoint since stray cables create a trip and fall hazard.

monitor armMonitor Mounting Capability – Having a flat screen monitor mounted on a steel arm instead of sitting on the desk surface is a popular space-saving option and one that prevents the monitor from being accidentally knocked over. This also makes it easy to change the height of the monitor and its distance from the viewer to reduce eye strain and promote good posture.

Adjustability – the work surface height and/or the keyboard tray may be adjustable to reduce the risk of repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Shelving can be supplied that can be reconfigured to hold everything from binders to CD cases-  or even a printer.

mobile computer furnitureMobility – the entire station may be set on casters so it is mobile and can be used as needed in any conference room or office. Computer furniture may also be designed for collaboration or with modular components that can be grouped together or separated.


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