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The Green Office Cubicle: San Diego Spreads Word About Sustainability

TreeAre you doing research into which company makes the most environmentally friendly office cubicle? San Diego is one city that is working to get the word out about sustainable choices. You can find the 2005 “Choose Green Report” from Green Seal, Inc. published on the website. The authors of this document express the belief that customers of the office furniture industry can have a real impact on the practices of manufacturers and distributors.

This is borne out by the impressive list of suppliers who now offer green cubicle choices for consumers. Check out pages 5-7 for a breakdown of how the major players measure up on 4 different criteria:

Waste Minimization – the use of recycled materials, managed forestry, and waste recapturing technology

Toxicity – what types of adhesives are used in wood composites and to attach laminates

Air Pollution – whether products are powder coated, VOC free, and/or Greenguard certified

Sustainability – if reusable packaging is used in transportation and if products can be recycled or refurbished


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