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The Cubicle Conversation Is ON!

People still seem to assume that big businesses don’t listen to the little guy. That’s changing with the advent of social media. Huge cubicle manufacturing and design firms like Herman Miller have teams working hard to scour the internet for the latest industry news to share with their loyal blog readers. This level of online involvement gives HM the opportunity to discover all kinds of attitudes that folks have developed regarding the company’s brand and products. This week, the topic generating much discussion is a satirical post on

Ms. Jennifer DiOrio took a swipe at Herman Miller’s iconic Action Office cubicle system in a section on the McSweeny website called “Open Letters to People or Entities Who Are Unlikely to Respond”. DiOrio’s sarcasm-laced virtual epistle (which incorrectly named Mr. Miller as the inventor of the cubicle) prompted a reply post on the Discover blog site. “Assistant to the Assistant” Randall Braaksma took the time to dole out a measured and good humored response.

It’s a great chance to jump into the conversation about how workplace culture can impact whether cubicles are seen as a boon or a burden. Don’t forget to leave your comments here too!


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