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Temporary Fix for Uncomfortable Office Chairs

Duncan MacIntyre has a passion for discussing the finer points of the office chair industry’s most ergonomic designs. But he also knows that not everyone can rush out and purchase a $1000 office chair at the drop of a hat. Some of us have to struggle along with a cheap chair for a little while longer to save up the cash to buy the seating of our dreams. Others don’t have any say over what chair they use since it’s provided by an employer. So, he’s sharing one way to ease the pain of sitting in an inadequate chair for just a little longer: purchasing a BackJoy orthotic cradle. The flexible foam seat pad fits your existing office chair and prompts you to sit in the correct position by cradling your pelvis at just the right angle. His description for how to use it (including the “skootch” move) is hilarious and dead accurate. You can read the review here.

Do you have more tips for making your sad little office chair a tad more comfortable? Please share with our readers in the comments!


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